Hope Church FAQ

Please read below for questions commonly asked by those interested in Hope Church.  If your question is not answered, please free to contact Pastor Tom

  • What Can I expect from my very first visit?  In a couple of words, you can expect "no pressure".  As a new face, you will certainly be welcomed and introduced to those who notice you are new to Hope Church but you will not be singled out publicly.  
  • What should I wear?  Our dress code is "come as you are".  You will be pressed to find someone wearing a jacket and tie. Simply come in your everyday attire and you'll fit right in!
  • What is available for my young children? At the start of the service but after initial music worship your children will be able to join others in Tom's Children's Chat for the Important People.  This quick chat involves a age appropriate sample of the sermon series.  After the Children's Chat you kids will join other children in Hope4Kids for fun activities presented by our adult volunteers.  Each adult volunteer has been screened and a criminal background check as been conducted for your child's safety.
  • What is available for my teenage children? Your teenage children are welcome to remain in the sanctuary for the sermon topic and remaining worship. 
  • What about offering? Hope Church believes that all you offer to God is between you and HIm.  At Hope Church we don't pass an offering plate but if you wish to finacially contribute you may drop your offering in the wooden boxes in the rear of the sanctuary or in the foyer.  All contributions are tax deductible and confidential.   
  • What does Pastor Tom preach about?  In all cases, our sermon series are Christ centered,  Bible based sermons.  Pastor Tom may select a topic or create a sermon series that relates to everyday life and accordingly relate it to the Gospel.  Scriptures and worksheets are available for every sermon and can be taken home to use or review throughout the week.
  • What is Hope Church's style of music? Hope Church has a volunteer worship team which guides worship through music each Sunday.  The experience level of the vocalists and musicians vary from trained to amateur.  In any case, the songs selected range from traditional hymns to contempiorary songs you may have heard ion the radio.    
  • How can I get more involved with Hope Church? There are a number of ways including volunteer positions and small groups. Please consider using our "Get Connected" Form if you would like to receive help being placed in a volunteer service.  
  • What is an Elder Care Group? Do I have to be a member to be in a group? The Hope Church Elder Care Groups are essentially the entire church body formulated into small groups......
  • I have been attending Hope Church for several months and would like more information about becoming a member, how do I do this?  For those interested in doing Hope Church we provide a basic level instructional called "Discover Hope".  Discover Hope will allow you to understand the denomination and give insight to our Core Values and Beliefs.    
  • What is Hope Church's views on the Sacraments? nblankjdbhjkdbhjk
  • What are Deacons & Elders?  
  • Why can't women serve as elders?