Mark True, Elder,

Clerk of Session

Mark is a retired Air Force Colonel and endocrinologist, currently serving as a federal government civilian overseeing the military’s graduate health education residency programs in San Antonio. His professional interests are in physician leadership development, mentorship, and diabetes care. Of all the blessings at Hope, what Mark values most is the sense of being in an extended family. “We consistently seek to know each other well, and can therefore genuinely ‘rejoice with those who rejoice, and mourn with those who mourn’ (Rom 12:15)” Hope is Real because Hope's PEOPLE are REAL.


The True Family

Mark True and his wife Lois met while attending the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. They were married upon graduation in 1991 and have 3 sons: Calvin, Zachary, and Wesley. Lois separated from the Air Force with the birth of their first son, while Mark continues to serve as a civilian. They enjoy participating in music together and spending time with their boys in their diverse interests.